Entrust Global Group spearheads in providing a disruptive and stable platform for making strategic investments to a diverse group of high growth businesses globally with a multi-tier focus in a range of different industries spanning across Collectibles, Data Services, Grading, Gaming, Analytics, specialized services in the domain of human resources and logistical supply chain etc…

We take pride in unfolding our experiential curiosity and strategic advantage by establishing footprints in new markets globally with enhanced focus on delivering added value to our partners and customers. Built on the successful turnaround of Beckett Media, the #1 brand in sports collectibles, E.G.G. has continued to walk on the path of diversification through its continued focus on strategy, people, technology, marketing and innovation.

The journey of Entrust Global Group has been about funding talent, finding people and businesses with the right entrepreneurial spirit and the mix to unleash their potential by formidable synergies aligned with a shared vision. We continue to develop more muscle with global talented workforce and leadership at all tiers to help grow and sustain long term value. We respect different cultures and help learn from them.

Entrust Global Group was founded by Sandeep Dua and his A team, known for creating turnaround successes and scaling up businesses by enhancing leadership potential of people and creating striking business opportunities driven through our cross learning and demonstrable experiences. We value talent, restore human potential, build leaders and empower them to explore and experiment with their dedication and quench their desire for growth.

Our motto is to "Empower Global Businesses".

Our Global Footprints

  • With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Entrust Global Group LLC. is globally spread across United States, Costa Rica, Europe, India, China, Japan, South Korea & Philippines.
  • With more than 30 years of experience, the Entrust Global Group LLC., provides its companies with a trusted environment of stabilization, growth and global synergies, as well as the ability to serve global markets with dynamic services, products and solutions.

Our Mission

Core Values

  • Invest in people - our employees and our customers.
  • Hire the Best, Expect the Best, Insist on Accountability.
  • Keep Climbing, Never Stop Learning, Always Innovate.
  • Never Compromise our Integrity, Character or Ethics.
  • Be Workmanlike and Steadfast, No job is too small at any level.
  • Think Globally.


Come and grow with us. We invite businesses & professionals of diverse portfolios to join us & be a part of Entrust Global Group LLC., Leverage our expertise, trust, technology, brand, business analytics, data, global offices, leadership & much more.


  • Sandeep Dua President & CEO

  • Kevin Isaacson Vice President

  • Ajay Sharma Chief Finance Officer

  • Lisa Macabu Business Head - HRweb

  • Robert Turnbo Global Head - Human Resources

  • Bill Sutherland VP - Data Acquisitions

  • Jeromy Murray VP - Grading & Authentication

  • René Flores Director, Gaming Acquisitions

  • Ajay Anand Global Marketing Head

  • Alberto Chavez Director - Supply Chain Management

  • Caitlin Wilson M&A Head(U.S.A)

  • Deepak Sharma M&A Head(India)

  • Akash Gupta Principal Architect

  • Laxman Moharana Technology Head