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Who are we?

We are innovators and leaders with a proven track record of deploying our top of the line talent to maximize top-line revenue across a variety of industry-leading, global brands.

What do we do?
What do we have?


  • Jan 2014Goodwin & Co. : One-stop shop for high value Sports Merchandise.
  • May 2014Rock n Gem & COINage : Leading publications in lapidary & numismatics industry respectively.
  • April 2016Non-Sport Update : The only publication for collectors of movies, comics, music, etc.
  • Oct 2016Card Collectors : A focused desktop pricing software.
  • Nov 2017Dragon Shield : a global leader in collectible card sleeves and gaming accessories.
  • Feb 2018Hrweb : The most cost effective talent management system.
  • June 2019Eye Care Leaders : No. 1 source for top-rated ophthalmology-specific EHR and Practice Management systems.
  • Oct 2008Beckett Collectibles : The start of E.G.G's journey with world's leader in Sports Collectibles.
  • April 2014Industry Summit : Official trade conference for professionals serving the sports collectible, entertainment & gaming industries.
  • Jan 2015Mira Card : A mobile app. for sports card collectors with integrated features.
  • Sep 2016Zistle : The easiest tool to organize & trade cards online.
  • Oct 2017CBCS : Experts in Comic Grading & Certification.
  • Dec 2017EG Media investments : a leading publication for farming and horse riding enthusiasts.
  • May 2018ProActive Software Ltd : A Project Management Software Company.
  • Feb 2020Practice Builders : Solutions for Healthcare Practice Marketing & Reputation Management.


  • Developed Beckett Media as the one stop shop for sports collectibles
  • Attained a rapid multifold revenue increase for E.G.G.
  • Invest in people - our employees and our customers.
  • Hire the Best, Expect the Best, Insist on Accountability.
  • Keep Climbing, Never Stop Learning, Always Innovate.
  • Never Compromise our Integrity, Character or Ethics.
  • Be Workmanlike and Steadfast, No job is too small at any level.
  • Think Globally.

Core Values

Our Affiliates

All of these bring in E.G.G. together

  • Practice Builders
  • EG Media
  • Rock&Gem
  • COINage
  • Entrust HR Services
  • Entrust Data Corp
  • Non-Sport Update
  • Industry Summit
  • Dragon Shield
  • CBCS Comics
  • Eye Care Leaders
  • Beckett Media

Our Focus Areas

  • Collectibles
  • Data Services
  • Gaming
  • HR Services
  • Niche Hobby
  • Healthcare Services